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Why Curves?


I had had this idea of the perfect still in my mind since I began studying distillation. It would combine the best elements of still design from the last centuries and it HAD to be copper.  I saw how history informed the best home distillation practices and I knew I wanted three main sections: the pot belly, the onion head, and the condenser.

Take the highest quality distilleries in the world and look at their stills. What do you see? Copper and curves. Anyone can do straight lines. It’s easy. But when you want the best, and you take a good look at the very best, it’s all curves. And curves must be hand made. That’s what makes our guys at the Whiskey Still Company gifted AND inspiring and that’s why I chose them. They’re the only ones I came across who could produce such a high-quality product in a reasonable amount of time. So I showed them my design and the business was born.

From there, the Whiskey Still Company simply took off. We sold out in two days. I love that each step in our process is done by hand, all the way down to you producing your own moonshine or whiskey in your own home.

Nowadays so much is done with machines but the artist’s human touch hasn’t lost it’s magic. I’d like to think the people who buy my stills will pass down their knowledge of distilling to their kids like it was passed down to me in my family. It’s not just the tradition of home-distilling itself that will make a difference in this world, it’s a tradition of making. Making things yourself. Creating.  Perfecting.  That’s what I’m proud of. To me, that’s what the American Dream is all about, and it’s a dream I’ve built my life around.