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The Condenser

Take a look at the stills used by the highest quality distilleries in the world. What do you see? Copper and curves. Anyone can do straight lines. It’s easy. But when you want the best, and you take a good look at the very best, it’s all curves. Curves must be hand made. That’s what distinguishes our coppersmiths  -  they’re gifted craftsmen. Each step in our process is done by hand, all the way down to you producing your own moonshine or whiskey in your own home.
So much is done with machines nowadays, but the artist’s human touch hasn’t lost it’s magic. And magic is something you will feel when you take the leap and start distilling your own whiskey or moonshine.  It’s not just the tradition of home-distilling itself that will make a difference in this world, it’s a tradition of making. Making things yourself. Creating.  Perfecting.  You already have the ability and we have every instruction you’ll need, plus a community of home-distillers ready to get you started on your first batch.  Why wait?  You just got the insider info on the very best home stills being sold anywhere!
This long, thin, curvy tube of copper is the final pathway to liquid magic!  Captured vapors travel through the coils, cooling with each turn along this superbly crafted copper roller coaster.  Liquid moonshine or whiskey gracefully drips out of the spout at the bottom and is collected and ready for bottling...and sipping!