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I just wanted to say that I received my still and I am very impressed by the craftsmanship.  My wife already has me making a shelf for this to be displayed as a decoration when we are not using it.  Secondly it showed up about as quick as you could get it here from Texas.  Almost to fast really.  Now I have to wait before I can use it because my mash isn't ready.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  Thank you. - Mike M.

I purchased a still for my husband for Father's Day. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your companies constant communication throughout the entire process. The still is beautiful and I wish I didn't have to wait a week to give it to him. Once he has had a chance to enjoy his gift we will leave feedback on your webpage. Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. - Karren C.

Jason !! I want to just say that I received my  five  gallon still and am  delighted with it .  It is a beautiful , functional, work of art . Very  pleasing to the eye and I know very functional .And I know that I will love the product that it will produce.  Everyone that sees  the still admires it,s  beauty . Thank You !

Thank you for the outstanding piece of American workmanship. I was very pleasantly surprised when my still arrived, it was everything promised and then some. My son and I continue to experiment with mash and flavors…just having a great time. It feels good to learn about and connect even in a small way with the history and tradition of MOONSHINE. - Dave G.
It is somewhat disappointing to deal with the dents, but I know you did what you could. I will continue to be a promoter for The product can be a beautiful decor piece for any home or business, and your customer service is top notch. Take care Jayson,  and thank you again for your time and assistance. - Tom M.

I would like to thank you for your fast response on my latest e-mail. I really appreciate your fast customer service and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you! - Billy B.

Got it yesterday... Love it!!! Not only am I going to use it, it'll be a great stage prop for my band, "Swamptrash"! Thanx a lot... - Rick F.

I got my still yesterday and wow she's a beauty! just wanted to shoot you an email and say thank you again. money well spent! is there any place I can leave a good review for you and your company - Chad M.

I received my 10 gallon still yesterday. It looks GREAT very nice work....
Thank you for the reply. So far everything about your service and product has been top notch. - Robert D.

.I think the still is beautiful and cant wait to use it. The craftmanship is amazing and im stunned how awesome it looks. Thanks again it was a pleasure dealing with The Whiskey Still Co. - Geoff H.

Super great product. Truly a bargain for the money spent. I reviewed many stills from different manufacturers and this is the best still for the money and of extremely high quality. Shipping was extremely fast and the item was packaged perfectly. Jason the owner is great and has always answered all my questions and the guide is a wealth of information. A+++ - Richard D.

We ordered the 5 gallon onion still, 1 week later this incredible piece of hand crafted sculpture arrived. It is now proudly displayed and generates more comments and accolades than any other piece of far greater meaning or value in the house... so the added beauty of the still is a bit of civil disobedience, I get to enjoy something illegal to make and drink only because the state did not get it's cut of tax revenue. The one thing I am sure of is that beyond the functionality and Absolut [that's a pun] fun you will have this still will have more monetary value in five years because of the materials, craftsmanship, and beauty. - Kilian W.

Good afternoon JAYSON and TAMMY also all of you at WHISKEY STILL. I would like to say THANK YOU for your attention to the small problem we had, damage shipment. I will write a letter I would like to see on comments true professionalism and pride in your product and delivery. You have surrounded yourself with people that are dedicated to what they do. - Dennis J.

Dear Jayson, I wanted to extend a personal thanks to you & the whole staff at WhiskeyStill Co. My 2.5 gallon still arrived to today, It is just beautiful, and I really couldn't be any more pleased. I am really looking forward to my first run. Cheers! Respectfully yours,  - Jeff S.

Got it from time of order to time of receipt in right under a week. It is a gorgeous piece of decorative art (*AHEM*), and will be in my and my family’s possession forever! -C. B. 

All I can say is WOW....It's almost too beautiful to use. The cleaning and rite of passage is happening tonight, when I got your email I started a batch of mash just for this occasion. Thank you again your service and communication was outstanding and your product is over whelming to the eyes and possibly to the liver :) - Lee E.

I received my 5 gallon "essential oil extractor" this week and it is absolutely a piece of art work. Certainly worth waiting for! I used it yesterday and it works just as good as it looks. It maintained temperature almost effortlessly.- Scott N.

The still arrived last Saturday and my wife LOVES it. (It was a birthday present) Can’t wait to give it a try.  Thanks - Paul R.
You do great work, still works as intended and is a work of art. Thanks - Jeff G.

I thank you for your hard work and extra effort to send out my new still.  It was better than expected with pieces that fit like a glove.  I am one happy camper! - Jesse E.

Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the still, It is wonderfully built and works as well as it looks so I am very pleased, I may in the future buy a larger one maybe on of your scratch and dent 5-10 gallon stills. Just wanted you to know I still think it is a work of art, and a working work of art, thank you. - Jim R.

Good day JS. Just wanted to let you know I received my still today and am very pleased with the workmanship. Its beautiful as well as functional. I would consider this a work of art. I'm recommending you to my friends,even if you don't need the business.Good luck to you and the whole crew that put this all together. - Captain Don

Jayson ,i got my 10 gal whiskey still today  4 /10 /13 ,looks great ,quality the best !! workman ship the best ! can,t wait to cook a batch   !! thanks to u and your workers! i have the best looking still around!! thank you - John F. 

Hello, just letting you know still came today, it made it in excellent shape and a very beautiful piece of art, thanks - Connie H.

I have recently received a 5 gallon still as a gift from your company and I love it! Best gift I have gotten in a long time. Is there a chance I could be put on a waiting list for a used 10 gallon still? If not, due to back orders, I will eventually be buying a ten gallon someday from your company. Just trying to find a deal right now. You have an awesome product Jayson! Outstanding craftsmanship! I am 100 percent satisfied with my five gallon still. Thank you! - Marty G.