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Legalize Home Distilling!

Please help us legalize home distilling for hobby and non-profit purpose! 

As you may know, the Hobby Distiller’s Association (HDA) have been fighting for our right to distill legally – for, as opposed to home brewing and home wine making, home distilling is still illegal in the U.S on a federal level.

The HDA announced that the bill they’ve been working on has been rolled into a larger bill called the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2015, and has been introduced to the Senate on June 11, and in the House on June 25. The bill hasn’t been voted on yet, but we’re hopeful it will pass.

The HDA has been campaigning all year for our cause. They hired a lobbyist in Washington, DC, met with influential Senators, Representatives, the head of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and the Department of Treasury, drafted the bill and had it introduced in Congress. Rolling it into a larger bill was a strategy used also for legalizing home brewing and wine making. It calls for tax reductions for commercial producers, which will benefit “Big Liquor”, so the hope was they wouldn’t oppose the home distilling section. 

They’ve also been researching state laws, and have heard from 40 state offices – of those states, home distilling would become legal in 8 states immediately after it is legalized federally. Here you can look into the specific laws in your state, and find contact information for local government agencies and officials.

Just to be clear. By hobby distillers, the HDA means folks who distill for sheer enjoyment and not for profit, for home consumption and not for sale. Enthusiasts like you. They’ve set the maximum boiler size to 15.5 gallons – the size of a standard beer keg, which many hobbyists use as a boiler. They’ve derived the maximum volume per year from the 200 gallons max. for beer or wine: 350 x 750ml bottles of spirits at 40% AbV per year.

The forces of change are strong, and we can all help to make it happen. Feel free to contact your representatives to ask them to support the bill – download editable templates here –, support HDA’s efforts by becoming a member, follow the news, and prepare the whiskey still for proper celebration.

Visit for more information.

Thank you!