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How to Polish Your Copper Pot Still

Copper materials naturally tarnish with time and use, you'll notice that their surfaces turn dark russet-brown in color. The tarnishing effect even hastens when copper is exposed to humid and changing temperature conditions. In the case of cookwares, copper pots for instance, subjecting them to open flame or heat accelerates the tarnishing process. Regularly cleaning them prevents discoloration. Cleaning copper can be done in a number of ways, we found a quick and easy technique that will keep your copper moonshine stills shine. Everything you need is right in your kitchen! Materials ¼ cup fine salt ¼ cup all purpose...

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What is the process of distilling wine?

For avid hobbyists, the fun doesn't stop after they get wine, some wish to distill it so they would enjoy a higher proof alcohol. Wines, since they're made from grapes, are made as fruit washes to make brandy, cognac and grappa. Here are some information about beverages that are produced from distilling wine. BRANDY Typically taken as an after-dinner drink, it's named is derived from Dutch brandewijn  meaning "burnt wine". Brandy usually contains 35–60% alcohol by volume (70–120 proof). Its distinctive nutty brownish color and flavor is achieved by aging in wooden casks (usually oak) while some are simply coloured with caramel colouring to imitate the effect of...

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What are fruit mashes made of?

The alcohol you sip, you enjoy and can even get you troublesome is apparently made from a very junior mix, that you wouldn’t imagine could punch you to sleep. It all started from a combination of sugar and water plus a toss of yeast, then fermented and distilled. If you decide to produce your own alcohol, you can joggle through several recipes and ingredients. Your output depends on what ingredients you will use and how you decide to run your moonshine still. What’s most important is your sugar source, here’s a table of typical fruits use to extract alcohol and...

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MOONSHINING - What Equipment Do I Need?

I've listed down the most common stuff you'll need to start your moonshining habit! These are tools you want to have when preparing your mash up to the stage of reading the ABV (alcohol by volume) of your moonshine (or whatever spirit you're after). FERMENTATION Fermentation vessel You will need hot and cold water to prepare your mash so the fermenting vessel could be made of any material as long as it can handle tolerable heat. Glass demijohns (carboys) are what we commonly see as wash storage vessels but you can also use plastic food grade barrels, it is made up...

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Popcorn Sutton Recipe

Popcorn Sutton Recipe Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners" broke new ground in the long tales of moonshining in the U.S. The tv series surged in popularity with its portrayal of individuals who produce illicit alcohol, what's known to us as moonshine.     Among the guys featured in the show, a great Appalachian bootlegger named Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton had the limelight. In 1999 (prior to his life being featured in the show), Mr. Sutton published “Me and My Likker,” an anecdote of his life and moonshining practices. In his book, a couple of times he mentioned a basic moonshine recipe, with a few different variations that...

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Shine on and Happy Distilling!

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