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When you buy a handmade copper still from The Whiskey Still company, we like to think of it as the beginning rather than the end of our relationship together. That's why we thought we'd just take a few minutes to share with you a few questions that often come up in terms of still ownership.

These are just a few of the more common questions we get, but if you have more – whether before or after you buy a still – please don't ever hesitate to ask us.

 Do you ever run sales?

Funny you should ask – we're running one right now! Just head on over to our site, use code SAVE$100 at checkout and you'll save $100 on our 10-Gallon Still. With savings this big, why hesitate?

What heat source should I use for the still?

This depends on your preference and what is available to you. For indoor distilling, the easiest option is an electric stove or hot-plate. Propane burners are very effective, but as with any heat source that uses a flame, they should always be used outside. We also advise avoiding a natural-gas or oil stove when distilling indoors.

Can I use an induction cooking surface to run the still?

Solid copper is not compatible with induction heating because of copper's non-ferrous properties. However, there are plates that can be used between the pot and the inductor. These are used when trying to use stainless-steel, copper, or aluminum cookware on induction burners and are available at most places where kitchenware is sold.

How often should I clean my still?

It is important to process a run with water before you first use your still, to make sure any impurities left from the manufacturing process are eliminated. The procedure starts with washing all parts of the still very thoroughly with hot-soapy water. The second step is doing a vinegar run. Simply mix equal parts vinegar and water to roughly one-fifth the capacity of the still and run it through the still until the result is completely clear. If you don’t use your still often, we recommend that you do a run of 40% water - 5% rye flour after you use it, before putting it away. This eliminates sulfuric acids and other harmful substances that may have deposited on the walls of your still. If you use your still more frequently (every few weeks), make sure you wash it after every run with dish soap and hot water.

Happy distilling and remember, we're here for you – so feel free to ask us any other questions either via email or on our Facebook page.

Posted by Jason Stone on

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  • Do you have or can you make a basket to place inside the 2.5 gallon still? The opening is JUST too small to fit a vegetable steamer inside. I have searched extensively for an ss or copper basket. No luck

    Jeff on

  • Hi Guys, had a lot of fun with the still last season but need to clean it before using this season, the last run I did had a kind of soapy taste to it seemed to me. Can’t find the booklet with cleaning instructions. Any help appreciated!

    Jerald Day on

  • What size copper in and out stubs are on the 2.5 gallon still’s condenser? I’m in the country and need to order line/fittings to circulate cool water. Trying to line up my materials ahead of still’s arrival.

    Matt on

  • Just run my first run thru my 5 gal. still. I mashed out sweet feed using turbo yeast. My faints, almost a quart, came out 82 proof and my hearts, one quart, came out 90 proof. Does this sound about right? The hearts have a sweet molasses taste, pretty good. If I rerun it how much water should I add. And what proof should I be looking for?

    Steve J on

  • Question: How much finished product does the 2.5 gallon still produce?

    Sandy Bacon on

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