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Springtime is Mashtime!

When Spring arrives you can feel it, smell it, see it and taste it. By now you are probably seeing blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb and all sorts of less common Spring fruits showing up at farmer’s markets and in your grocery stores. Some people think of jellies and jams but when many of see these bright colors and juicy flavors I am inspired to start a moonshine mash right now, so I can be sipping on a fresh batch before it’s time to turn the calendar page!

Maybe you have some free time over Spring break or the holidays, or maybe it’s just time to set aside a few hours THIS WEEKEND and get a batch of fruit-scented moonshine under way. I checked in with my dad for a little Spring time distilling inspiration. He lives in rural Texas and he’s preparing a blackberry moonshine recipe this weekend, with some wild berries he froze last summer. If you’re feeling inspired, why not pick a fruit that’s perfectly ripe and appealing to you right now and get a batch of your own started? Don’t forget the Spring herbs either. If fruit-flavored moonshine isn’t your preferred potion, maybe consider cucumber or basil or lemongrass moonshine?

To help motivate you, I am including a simple recipe and process for a sugar wash moonshine, the perfect base for starting your own batch of mash now. Here goes:

This Sugar Shine recipe makes a 5 gallon wash
Requires a Fermentation bucket with a lid.

Place 4 gallons of hot water in a bucket. Recommended temperature is 110-120F
Add 15 lbs of sugar to the hot water and still immediately until the sugar is fully dissolved.

Allow the sugar water to cool to approximately 75 - 80F and then add one packet of 48 Hr. Turbo Yeast. Mix the yeast completely in a brisk stir and then lock the lid onto the fermentation bucket.

This should sit untouched, at room temperature (ideally 70-75F) for 5 days.

After 5 days, it’s time to use Turbo Clear. Add Part A, wait one hour and then add Part B. Once Part B is added, wait 24 hours before distilling. The Turbo Clear is meant to clarify your wash. It won’t be crystal clear, but any particles of yeast or other sediments will settle to the bottom. This enables you to siphon a purified, clarified liquid into your moonshine still. You can expect this sugar wash distillation to be about 20% alcohol by volume.

Once you’ve followed this easy recipe, it’s up to you how creative you want to get! Raspberry Lemongrass Moonshine anyone? Mixed berry sugar shine? Use your eyes and nose to pick the ripest fruit and most fragrant additions to your sugar shine. It’s Springtime, let your adventurous side come out to play. Have fun, think bright thoughts and cool breezes and moonlight sipping on homemade moonshine!

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