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Show your love for America - MAKE MOONSHINE


Let’s talk about LOVE!  One thing we can all agree on is that homemade moonshine is Liquid Love, meant to be shared and savored.

Following your passion by home crafting moonshine from everyday ingredients is one of the most American things you can do. Our Founding Fathers fought for our rights to do it and maybe it’s time we honored them by getting a batch of homemade moonshine or whiskey started this weekend!

Getting started is easy. Our hand-hammered copper stills are works of art in themselves, and they’re based on traditional home-distilling methods that have worked for hundreds of years. We’ve got one ready to ship to you or a friend TODAY.  

In just a few hours you can have your first batch brewing. We’ve got three different sizes depending on the quantity you want to make.  

Life is short, there’s no time for hate. Gather your people and brew up a batch of liquid love this weekend. Homemade Moonshine is a great way to reward your friends and family.  You might even find a way to use the smooth juice to soothe your foes!

Keep it real, keep it fun, keep it real fun.

Posted by Jason Stone on

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  • I was making a batch of “liquid love” moonshine today, with my S.O.
    I stumbled upon your website because we somehow messed up majorly. After hours of distilling this beautiful crystal clear liquid, we went to smell/taste it and it was 95% water. I was looking up common mistakes and found your whisky page on what not to do. Can you help us figure this out, with some common sense or send me a link to a perfectly made still?

    Ashlee on

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