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Patience Makes Perfect

In this time of instant Tweets, overnight delivery and video on demand, it's easy to forget that sometimes the things that take time to create can be the most precious things of all. Think diamonds, classical sculpture, finely aged whiskey and – naturally – our handmade stills

Producing a traditional copper pot still is a blend of strength, skill and patience. Lots of patience.

We start by hand-cutting the sections of the still from sheets of copper –  in much the same way a good tailor begins work on a fine suit. Next our craftsmen beat the copper with a hammer, giving the still its distinctive dimpling and helping to shape the sheets into the forms needed to produce the still. The sheet that makes the main body of the still is cut with dovetail joints, which are locked and then welded together.

Next comes the formation of the curvy and distinctive onion head, which is formed as a single ring of copper spun on a lathe and shaped with hand tools, just as a master potter turns clay into a beautiful and functional work of art. The swan neck pipe and coiled condenser that lies inside the still is similarly shaped with world-class skill and painstaking attention to detail.

Finally the stills are assembled, hand-soldered using safe and lead-free materials and polished to a gleaming warm glow. The finished product is art that 100% ready to distill whiskey, and guaranteed to last for years to come.

This means that sometimes, we can't promise you instant delivery. But what we can promise is that your copper still will last a lifetime and will help reintroduce the peace of patience back into your life, as you use it to distill fine spirits that you'll enjoy slowly sipping with friends over great conversation.

That being said, we can also make another promise to you:

If you order a still today, we can guarantee delivery by Father's Day!

Our craftsmen are working overtime to produce enough stills to meet the demand for the holiday so you can be sure that if you order today, we'll get your still out in plenty of time to give it to dad. And really, what better gift is there? It's like giving him a beautifully crafted tool that will spark his creativity, let him work at his own pace, experiment and – hopefully – share the fruits of his labor with you!

Cheers and Happy Distilling!


Posted by Jason Stone on

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