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Moonshine Medicine

Now more than ever no one wants to get sick! Here’s some good news we’ve all be waiting for:  you can distill some of your own preventative and curative medicine at home.

I’m talking about good old-fashioned Moonshine. Its roots in distilling weren’t just for fun time making - it was also created for the health benefits it can offer. Some would say there isn’t a better cough syrup in existence than a good batch of moonshine mixed with honey and lemon juice (a shot of moonshine, a spoonful of local honey and a big squeeze of lemon juice, to be exact). Folks swear by its effectiveness. Heck - it has a name - a Hot Toddy. It’s a toast to your health!

Moonshine for “medicinal purposes” may sound like an excuse to imbibe, but alcohol consumed in moderate and limited quantities doesn’t cause harm to the healthy human, especially the homemade kind of shine. The key here is consumption - keeping it to moderate amounts. In small amounts, alcohol can thin the blood, much like an aspirin, to help to prevent clots (and a shot of moonshine vs. an aspirin? Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t prefer the sip!). In people over 60, light to moderate alcohol consumption has been found to reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s (which makes a terrific homemade holiday gift for your lovely elders, don’t you think?). It’s low in sugar and carbohydrates. And has been known to help reduce stress and anxiety. Can I get an amen on that now?!

And it’s not just moonshine whiskey that wields medicinal magic - brandy does as well.  Actually, fruit brandy, thanks to the fruits, is chock full of antioxidants. These antioxidants help promote good cardiovascular health (which your heart loves to pieces!).  They help increase your good cholesterol (meaning you can eat less oatmeal). They help bolster your immune system (a major win-win-win). Plus, they neutralize the effects of free radicals trying to mutate your healthy cells, which translates into anti-aging!  I kid you not. Lastly, because I am now very thirsty and need to refill my glass, a nice brandy can help you get a good night’s rest. And we all need that.

Stay Healthy until next time friends, Cheers!  


Posted by Jason Stone on

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  • We’re can I get free crack pipes.

    Raymond C Steele on


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  • I love moon shine

    Waymond Steele on

  • My family use to run shine back in the day, It was James Masterson from the (Crowley Ridge) Delta – Whitewater area of Southeast Missouri, right before you get into the Ozark mountains. My Grand dad had a few snorts in his day but my father left the stuff alone. Then here I come, Now I’m retired from the US Army an ready to do some living. Hell ya right guys and gals! Let’s have some fun with this! Happy New Year and enjoy our lives.

    Jeff on

  • I love shine

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