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Making Moonshine or Whiskey at home has never been easier and it’s high time you got a batch started!

At we know that the art of making moonshine is exactly that - an art - there are a million ways to do it and almost all of them are correct. Here’s the part you might not know:  everything you need to distill your own hand-crafted spirits can be found at your local grocery store... so there is simply no excuse for you not to indulge yourself in this easy and rewarding home-distilling adventure.

You could be getting started this weekend!  We’ve compiled a step-by-step, easy to follow instruction booklet that comes with every still we sell at We’re pros at this and we know how to help you get started simply and avoid mistakes that might frustrate a beginner moonshine maker.  We give you a short grocery list and lots of encouragement on how to get your first batch of moonshine mash underway in just a few minutes.  It’s unbelievably easy to start the process and then sit back and allow the yeast, sugar and water to work their magic.

And that’s when the fun begins.  We like to think of it as “heat it up, cool it down and catch the liquid loveliness.”  Our instruction booklet walks you through the simple steps to heating up your mash, cooling down the vapors and catching the streams of liquid in a regular old Mason jar. Before you know it, our years of experience at will have you on the road to becoming an experienced moonshine or whiskey maker.  The built-in thermometer in our hand-hammered copper stills means that even if you failed chemistry class you can still make a delightfully drinkable bottle of whiskey or moonshine - it’s that easy!  

Our website has a detailed FAQ section which offers help at any point during the preparation and the distillation process.  Plus you’ll also really enjoy the community resource of information and experience at It’s full of terrific, useful information and creative ideas contributed by people like yourself who are exploring the world of home distillation and hoping to make their own signature whiskey and moonshine batches.  Visit our website today at and treat yourself to the ancient art, the intriguing hobby and the pure liquid bliss you deserve!  One sip and you’re sure to wonder what took you so long to get started.  Check it out today and start fulfilling your home distilling dream tomorrow.   

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