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Love, distilled


There's an old saying: The couple that distills together, stays together.

OK we just made that up, but based on comments we've received from our customers, it’s spot-on true. It's a well-known fact that couples who share a favorite hobby together tend to have stronger relationships than those that pursue separate interests. And, going by what our customers have told us, distilling makes a great shared pastime – meaning one of our gorgeous hand-hammered whiskey stills would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

What's particularly nice about buying a still for that special someone for Valentine's Day is that it's far from a "one-and-done" experience. Because proper distilling takes a bit of time, you can have fun choosing recipes, making your mash, distilling the whiskey and then – of course – toasting to your love with the liquid fruits of your labor.

We also include access to a complete step-by-step distilling handbook complete with recipes, so the day your still arrives is the day you can embark on your new hobby with that special someone.



P.S. Sure you could just go with a box of chocolates for your Valentine, but the sweets will be gone in a few days. With a top-quality copper still, you'll have a lifetime of great drinks to share together. Plus, all our stills come with free shipping and returns, an industry-leading two-year warranty, and a 101-day money-back guarantee. What box of Valentine's Day chocolates is going to offer you that?!

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