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Just in time, a cranberry moonshine recipe. You're welcome.


There are almost as many ways to prepare cranberries for Thanksgiving as there are feathers on a turkey. But, as you might have guessed, at the Whiskey Still Company, our favorite way to enjoy the tart little red globes is in moonshine! We figured that you might feel the same way, so below you'll find a FREE recipe that'll let you create your own cranberry moonshine in plenty of time for Thanksgiving.

And speaking of time, if you want to ditch the store-bought stuff and create your own craft moonshine in your own home for the rest of the holidays, there's still time for us to rush one of our stills out to you! Not only will the spirits you create using your new still be the talk of the holidays, but the still itself with all of its cute dimples and gorgeous copper glow makes for a great conversation piece. Just click here to order your very own handmade still in either a 2.5-, 5-, or 10-gallon size.

Until then though, you should be just fine with this foolproof recipe. And yes, you're welcome.

Cranberry Moonshine

Boil 1 cup of cranberries for about 5 minutes, or until they pop, and let cool. Add moonshine, cranberries, and orange peels to a mason jar. Let sit till thanksgiving, strain out fruit and serve on the rocks. 

If that sounds good, wait to you see all the fun you can have – and all of the compliments you'll get – when you make all sorts of infused spirits from your very own still

P.S. It's come to our attention that lesser-quality stills are being sold online on sites including Amazon. While these might be a little less costly than our stills, you should be aware that they simply don't function as well. Our hand-hammered dimples, carefully shaped onion dome, high-quality copper, and the other safe, lead-free materials we use to assemble our stills, all go a long way to creating perfect spirits. Plus, all of our stills come with a complete instructional guide written in the United States, along with a 101-day no-questions-asked refund policy, free outbound and return shipping, and an industry-leading two-year warranty against defects (which you'll probably never need!). 

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