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It's Copper Friday! Let's have a toast!

Happy Copper Friday – the shopping holiday where we all celebrate the seriously impressive discount we've applied to all of the handmade copper stills on our website! To get started, why don't you grab yourself a wee bit of your signature homemade moonshine before reading the rest of this email.
What's that you say? You don't have any signature homemade moonshine on hand because you don't own a still? Well, let's remedy that right now …
Our copper stills make unique, impressive, and truly unforgettable gifts and there won't be any deeper discounts than we're offering today on each and every one.
That means you can get our 2.5-gallon starter still for $314.45; our super-popular 5-gallon still for $416.45; and our crowd-pleasing 10-gallon model for $594.95 – a savings of over $100!
Order today and you'll get your still in plenty of time to make a couple of batches in time for holiday gift giving. Doesn’t Ginger Cinnamon Moonshine have a nice ring to it? Or Honey Orange Whiskey? Made by yours truly...for your favorite friends and family! The next time we send you an email asking you toast with us, you'll be all set!
P.S. You know what no one has ever said? "I regret learning how to make super-smooth moonshine at home." If you've ever thought about home distilling, believe us, now's the time to take the plunge. Not only do the stills themselves make great gifts – but the spirits they produce will make the season bright for all your friends and family!

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  • Can’t get this price on website

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