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It’s high time you gave your mama what she REALLY wants for Mother’s Day!

It’s high time you gave your mama what she REALLY wants for Mother’s Day!  If not your mother, maybe there’s a lady or girlfriend in your life who’s the mother of so many things:  handling busy schedules, juggling responsibilities, adding fun and creativity to everyday life.  Guess what these women have in common? They’d LOVE to add “moonshine maker” to their list of talents and hobbies.  

One beautiful Still at a time!

Home distillation of spirits is catching on like never before in history.  Women, lots of women, are distilling whiskey, moonshine and health and wellness essential oils at home, in signature blends that reflect who they are here and now.  We’ve noticed more and more of our happy home distillers are women taking control of what they and their loved ones drink and they’re having a lot of fun along the way.

If you’re not quite sure the woman you want to reward this Mother’s Day would like a home still, just take one look at our hand-hammered copper whiskey and moonshine stills. Steeped in tradition, these stills are high-functioning works of art!  And isn’t that what gifts should be -- pretty, useful, and productive?  I know when I got my first Still I had no idea what to do and then I simply dove into a whole community of people online who are making their own moonshine, whiskey and divine essential oils.

Blend and Share it all around!

The home-fermented essential oils were the big surprise.  I had no idea how much money I could save by making my own lemongrass-lavender oil!  I was used to paying $15 for a teeny-tiny bottle of essential oil and then I would have to be stingy with it and sometimes I didn’t want to share it because it was so expensive and precious.  Now I can make peppermint oil to clean with, and a combination of lemon eucalyptus and geranium oil to ward off mosquitos, almond oil to add to my dishwater, heck the list goes on and on.  I feel really good about it too. It’s healthier, more natural, I get my own “designer scents” and I can make enough to share and give as gifts.  Honestly, I wish I had realized sooner that I could use my home moonshine still to make essential oils as well - it’s been a big life improvement, it’s fun and it helps on my indulgence budget!

Sharing really is what it’s all about for me and I’ll bet it’s the same for the women in your life. Whether it’s Mango Moonshine, Honey Whiskey or Gardenia-Thyme Bliss oil, it’s great to give someone the option to style their life THEIR way.  I think the copper whiskey still I have is probably the most memorable gift I have ever received and I promise you if you decide to treat yourself, or a lady you love to a home-still for Mother’s Day this year, you will be remembered and rewarded for years to come!  You may also drink some very fine distilled spirits and smell better than you have in years.

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