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Honor the Father. In Grand Style. Show him some WhiskeyLove and MoonshineMagic

It’s no secret, Dads LOVE Moonshine. Dads LOVE Whiskey. Dads LOVE making things!  This year, think outside the box and reward a dad in your life with a gift that will bring years of delicious DIY liquid bliss!

Father’s Day is when we celebrate the men who have helped make us who we are, and the men who help us raise the children that are the future we are counting on!  What better way to reward these dedicated dads than to give them a gorgeous hand-hammered copper still and start them on a home-distillation adventure…

We’re offering 15% OFF EVERY STILL WE SELL - ALL THREE SIZES - until the end of the day this Sunday, Father’s Day.  Our 5 and 10 gallon stills are ready to ship the moment you order, which means the DAD in your life can be getting started on his home distillation project right away.  We also have a 2.5 gallon size that takes a little longer to ship out but like all our stills, it’s well worth the wait.  

This is the 5th year we’ve offered a FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL RATE and it’s because the men in my life are near and dear to my heart.  I started moonshining with my dad and my grandfather when I was just 5 yrs old, so it’s a hobby and a lifestyle that’s in my blood, my genes and my family tree. I’m the founder of and I’m honored to say that every still we sell is a testament to the great lessons I was taught by my father and grandfather.  We were fishermen, hunters and moonshiners and I am forever proud of our DIY approach to the good things in life.  

Dad’s are like that too, aren’t they?  They like to get things done and share the rewards of their accomplishments.  Home-distilled moonshine or whiskey is the kind of project that will light up the life of your dad or any deserving father you know.  Our super high-quality stills are based on the ancient methods of distilling spirits but they’re as easy to use as any modern appliance.  

Surely there’s a dad in your life who is ready to try his hand at a rewarding, creative new hobby that results in personally-blended batches of moonshine or whiskey that can be enjoyed immediately or aged for special family occasions.  Don’t miss the chance to save 15% OFF THIS WEEKEND and honor your father, your grandfather or any dad you know with a gift that will bring not just hours, but YEARS of delight and homemade hooch!

Home-distilling is becoming wildly popular in America because it’s fun and easy to do, you can use everyday ingredients found in any grocery store and it’s exactly the kind of “dad project” that gets the whole family excited. The end result is a reward like no other: Father’s Signature Blend of Whiskey or Moonshine that people will be talking about for generations to come.  

Honor the Father. In Grand Style. Show him some WhiskeyLove and MoonshineMagic. This Weekend. He deserves it.

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