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Here's your can't-miss holiday Rye Whiskey recipe


Ever since I got into home distilling, holidays at my house have been extra satisfying. Take this past Thanksgiving for example. I served delicious food to my guests, and right alongside all that feasting, I poured rye whiskey, that I had made with my very own hands. The enjoyment I got watching my friends and family enjoy my creation was priceless. I get to enjoy this feeling all year long too!

I thought you might like to have the same experience this holiday season, so here’s my recipe. Please be sure to visit our Facebook page to let me know how it turns out!  Don’t miss the PS to my letter - families sure can be fun!

Rye Whiskey


Seven pounds rye

Two pounds barley

One pound malt

Six gallons water

One ounce baker’s yeast

One gram ammonium-fluoride


Heat the water to 70°F. Add the malt and grains. Stir the mixture while slowly increasing the temperature to 160-degrees (increase temperature by five degrees every two minutes). Maintain temperature at 160-degrees while stirring for two to three hours to start converting the starches into fermentable sugar. Screen the mixture and put the liquid into the fermentation container. Let cool to 70-80°F. Pitch the yeast into the liquid. Add the ammonium fluoride to avoid contamination and secondary fermentation. Stir liquid for around a minute. Seal. The wort will take around five to seven days to ferment. Distill and enjoy!



P.S. I also have to share a funny moment that happened at our Thanksgiving dinner table. When I broke out the rye, my aunt said that she would take just a little for her back. Without missing a beat, my uncle chimed in: "That's funny, I always drink whiskey for my front." Ah, family!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    mgadzktdlx on

  • Hey Jason,
    new to the game- I am going to try this recipe for my first go.
    Do you have a specific gravity I should aim for? do you use amylase? any sugar?
    thanks for the help!

    Anthony Castaneda on

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