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Happy Distilling! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Ahhh, Labor Day weekend… synonymous with cookouts, time with family and friends, and our truest old friend, summertime, coming to its sweet end.

BUT do not despair because cooler weather calls for whiskey, practically begs for it. What is better than relaxing by a roaring campfire when the temperatures start dropping? Doing exactly that with a smooth home distilled whiskey in your hand! No better time than right now to get started. Yum… Desired Effect.

Here’s an easy 12 step recipe for basic whiskey for a 5 gallon still. For the 2.5 or 10 gallon stills, scale the ingredients to half or double, respectively.

OK - You Ready?  Let’s Distill Some Whiskey!!!

What you’ll need :

        8 gallons of water

       13 pounds of crushed barley

       Dry Yeast  (Bread yeast or turbo yeast)

Time for the SCIENCE:

Heat the mash water to 158F.

Once the water is at 158F, add the mash bag and the crushed grains.

Stir the grains so there are no clumps.

Check the brewing thermometer and make sure the mash temperature is around 150F.

*If the temperature is low, add heat or boiling water and stir. If the temperature is too hot, add ice and stir.

Once the mash temperature is close to 150F, add the lid and let mash boil for an hour. 

*Add heat as needed while stirring to keep the temperature around 150F.

After 1 hour, pull out the mash bag and let the liquid drip back into the pot.

Once the liquid has been extracted from the mash bag, chill the mash to yeast pitching temperature (normally 70F degrees, but refer to your yeast packet).

Once the mash has been chilled to yeast pitching temperature, transfer the mash with an auto-siphon to the fermentation vessel.

Add the yeast to the fermenter and then add the airlock.

Let it ferment.


Some notes on aging the whiskey… Whiskey is traditionally aged in an oak barrel. The smaller the barrel, the less time it takes to age. But the longer it ages, the smoother it will taste. This is just ANOTHER step with unlimited opportunities to experiment and have fun distilling your own Autumnal spirits at home! Stop making excuses, grab this discount and get yourself started.  

Happy Distilling!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!  


PS: Our Whiskey Still does so much more than whiskey… Any grain or fruit can be distilled, with countless possibilities for delicious results. Be proud of what you drink!  Home distilling is where it’s at. ‘Cause Home is where everything is “at” nowadays.

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  • What is a mash bag? How can 8 gallons of water end up fitting in a five gallon still? How do I subscribe to your blog, and how can I read the comments and responses?

    Mike on

  • What is a mash bag? How can 8 gallons of water end up fitting in a five gallon still? How do I subscribe to your blog, and how can I read the comments and responses?

    Mike on

  • I missed something here. It says to add the mash bag. What is the mash bag.

    James on

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