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Gin Recipe

We love, I mean absolutely LOVE, hearing from you, our Whiskey Still Company customers, about what you’re brewing up at home. Sometimes we think maybe we should write a recipe book? But then we get distracted, you know, making copper whiskey stills, and sharing the stories and the liquid bounty with family and friends. For now we’ll leave the book-writing to the experts but we’re happy to share this simple gin recipe we received from one of our happy home distillers. They say even folks who traditionally don’t care for gin (Huh? No likey the gin?) have enjoyed this one. Maybe it’s time to break out of your spirit rut and stretch your tastes further than ever. Check it out!

GIN RECIPE: Start with a standard sugar wash.

Distill it 3 times to about 175 proof. In the 4th run, add all the botanicals. Per 2 liters of distillate, add to the pot :

44 grams Juniper

20 grams Coriander

4 grams Cinnamon Sticks

4 grams Grains of Paradise (sometimes called Alligator Pepper!)

2 grams Lemon Peel

1 gram Orange Peel

2 dashes Almond Extract

1 pod Star Anise

“This yields an incredibly smooth and flavorful product.” ~ Satisfied Customer & Fellow Home Distiller

“I am so thirsty right now.” ~ Me

Of course, all recipes are ideal for helping all of us learn new combinations of flavors and nuances! We stay busy making copper whiskey stills, so how about YOU, our favorite home distillers, share with us your favorite recipes? Who needs a book? We have YOU! So, please, take some time to write us a note about a surprisingly successful batch, or your tried and true standard spirit technique - we want to hear about them ALL.

Happy Distilling and remember, we're here for you. We’re busy hammering copper and concocting new recipes but we always have time for our home-distilling community. Feel free to ask us any questions via email or our social media. Looking forward to hearing from you! CHEERS!

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