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Free Recipe Because … You're A Peach!

 In case no one has told you this in awhile … you're a real peach. Actually, it would be kind of strange if someone DID tell you that recently since it's a pretty outdated expression, but the sentiment is true! 

Why do we feel the need to call you a fruit? Well, because maybe you've hung with us through the disruption the pandemic caused to the production of our beautiful hand-hammered copper stills. With global shipping limited, we were having a hard time getting some of the materials we needed to assemble the stills. But the good news is ... THAT'S ALL OVER NOW! 

We're completely back in the swing of things and shipping out stills the very same day they're ordered. We thank everyone for their patience during this challenging time.

Before any other oddball event shakes up the world, now's a great time to order one, if you haven't done so already. We’ve all learned that spending more time at home means we have lots more things to DO at home and making moonshine is a pretty fun home-based activity. 

A still is a handy thing to have during a pandemic, as it can be used to make hand sanitizer as well as a wide range of libations that'll keep you calm when your town begins getting overrun by cicadas and murder hornets. 

To thank you for bearing with us during the recent hiccup, we'd like to offer you this free recipe for some altogether too delicious peach brandy …

  • Wash about a dozen peaches, cut into quarters, and remove the pit
  • Using a mix of 2 lbs of sugar per 1 gallon of boiled water, cover the peaches. 
  • Mix it all up into a mash
  • Add 1 packet of dry yeast or turbo yeast if you want to speed things up 
  • To add a slightly bitter but pleasant flavor twist to your brandy, peel and break about 8-12 peach kernels and add them to your mash.
  • Cover and store in a dark place until fermentation is complete (about 7-14 days)
  • Then simply distill the mash and enjoy your very own peachy potion!

Peaches won't get any better than they are right now, so you might want to get started today!

Cheers and happy distilling!


Posted by Jason Stone on

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