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Finally, a homemade gift that's anything BUT boring

While the sentiment behind giving homemade gifts for the holiday is certainly admirable, so often the gifts themselves can be – well – a little bit of a letdown. After all, how many banana breads are you expected to eat? Or how many yarn-based anythings can you really use?

Want to know a homemade gift that’s certainly not disappointing? Moonshine!

That's right. We challenge anyone who gets a mason jar full of moonshine made in your own copper still to not be absolutely buzzing with joy throughout the holidays.

What's that you say? You don't have a copper still? You don't know how to make moonshine? You don’t have time to learn?

To all of that we say, get ready to rock and roll!

If you order today, you can have a beautiful handmade copper still in your possession by the end of next week. With our super-simple instructions and easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll have your first batch of mash fermenting after a few hours of attention. Then, with fermentation complete in just two to three weeks, you'll have plenty of time to perfect the process and bottle up some super smooth 'shine to give as gifts this holiday season.

Plus, personal experience has shown that recipients of homemade moonshine are usually very eager to share their bounty with the distiller (you), so that just makes the holiday even merrier.

Keep in mind, you really do need to order now so that you can have batches of moonshine or homemade whiskey ready for holiday gift giving. If you're just starting out distilling, our 5-gallon still is certainly the right way to go and will make plenty of mason-jar-sized gifts – plus a little left over for you to keep home to share with, um, Santa?

Cheers and Happy Distilling!


Posted by Jason Stone on

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