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Father knows best. Or does he?

No doubt your dad (or any dad in your life!) knows a lot of things – some of which he's even passed along to you through the years. And for the most part, we think dads are usually right about things. You should turn off the lights when you leave a room. You should get your oil changed every 3,000 (ish) miles. And he really isn't made of money.

But here's something he might not know …

There are few things in life that beat the feeling you get from taking your first sip of super-smooth whiskey you've fermented and distilled yourself.

So how about you repay the favor of all that wisdom your dad or husband has shared with you by introducing him to this incredibly gratifying skill for Father's Day?

It's never been easier thanks to the complete instructional and recipe guide that comes with one of our hand-hammered copper whiskey stills. And it's never been more affordable thanks to the special limited time sale we're having …

Get the dad in your life either a 2.5-,5-, or 10-gallon whiskey still and save 15 PERCENT off your total order. (We're sure he would approve of you saving money.)

Then you can spend the holiday helping him set it up. And, while that's a nice thing to do, it might also assure that you get some free samples from his first batch of homemade moonshine.

All orders come with a 101-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty, so your purchase is completely protected – something else every dad would certainly see as two big positives.

This sale will only be in effect for the next days, so be sure not to delay. Prices on the site are already reduced, so no code is needed. Just shop, save and get ready to get a huge THANKS from your pops in just a few weeks.


P.S. We've heard from dozens of dads who've gotten one of our hand-hammered-copper whiskey stills for Father's Day from their kids or partners and each and every one of them has told us that it was a unique and the most surprising gift they'd ever gotten. Sure beats a tie!

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