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Craft over cash- home distilling is where it’s at

As someone with an interest in home distilling, you're no doubt familiar with the Discovery Channel show, "Moonshiners," which will be airing its seventh season this month. While the show good entertainment – and has increased interest in home distilling – the dudes doing the distilling are clearly into moonshining for the cash instead of the craft. To make that cash, they take some pretty big steps – and deal with plenty of stress – to avoid the attention of local law enforcement.

Let’s be honest - it’s a lot simpler to distill your own "white lightning" at home, to be enjoyed by family and friends, with a handmade copper still!

Our stills are works of art in themselves and together with our step-by-step instruction booklets and videos, you get all the benefits the ‘shiners do on the show, without all the hassle: you can tinker with recipes and refine your formula to produce spirits that have your trademark style and suit your tastes and creativity! When you’re not trying to make cash with your spirits, you're free to truly hone your craft, focussing on pleasure rather than profits. Plus, when you get started now with one of our durable, easy-to-use stills, you'll soon have a heritage you can pass on to generations to come, just like they do on TV – minus entanglements with law enforcement, of course. 

P.S. While some of those "Moonshiners" might have hundreds of years of family traditions behind them, you'll get something almost as good when you become a Whiskey Still Company customer: Access to our step-by-step guides, foolproof recipes and a community of 'shiners who always value craft over cash.  

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