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Apple Pie Recipe

We love receiving pictures and recipes from our customers. Thank you, Fred! I'm looking forward to trying your Apple Pie recipe.

 "I make Apple Brandy for my Apple Pie Recipe.

I get a 5-gallon bucket of apples, cut into quarters, 5 gallons of spring water(I use the 5-gallon water from a delivery company), about 6 pounds of sugar and a packet of whiskey yeast from American Brewer. Makes about a gallon of 100 proof. I add about 7 burnt oak wood sticks and let it sit for a little over a week (I put the gallon in the freezer a few times, helps with aging). The gallon will turn a nice Amber color.

Apple pie recipe:
1 gallon of apple cider (Good local quality)
1 gallon of apple juice  (I use White House)
3/4 cup of sugar
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1 1/4 cup of Wassail spice mix
I put these ingredients on a 5-gallon pot and heat to almost a boil, let it cool to around 70°, then I add my gallon of apple brandy.
I run my batch about 3 or 4 times, after each run, I pour it back into the mash tank, add 6 pounds of sugar, a whiskey yeast pack and some more diced apples. 
This makes a great holiday gift that puts a smile on everybody who received a quart and they talk about the smiles they have after drinking it.
Happy Holidays, keep the heritage going. "

Posted by Jason Stone on

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  • The whisky distilleries in Japan have their roots in Scotland. Here in China there are also whisky producers. The key to making fine whisky is abundant spring water and we have plenty of that sourced from endless mountain ranges.

    colin hyman on

  • just dreaming and waiting on my still. It has been three weeks since my order went in, i cant stand the wait i started a black berry mash. iam going to work as soon as I get it

    Larry G Basler on

  • Hell I asked up 3 gallons of apples put cinnamon sticks in some nutmeg and yeast an let sit for two weeks to ferment ,non of these shortcuts ,what came out of the still was an apple flavor that kicked but when it hit the stomach,does anybody have a lemon drop recipe for a still from scrach

    Pete P. on

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