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A never-ending giving of thanks. And moonshine!


This is the week when families everywhere will give thanks for the good things in their lives...and when some people will give thanks when the family visiting ends!  Either way, a heart full of gratitude is in order for everyone and we hope you’re feeling the season as much as we are!

At the Whiskey Still Company we believe that the giving of thanks should be a year-round thing – especially when said giving involves super-smooth moonshine made in one of our gorgeous hand-hammered copper stills. 

To start all this "giving of thanks" off, we are offering a whopping 15% DISCOUNT ON ALL STILLS ON OUR SITE this week.

The markdowns have already taken place on the site, so just head over now and pick up your authentic copper still while taking advantage of the only remaining discount we will offer this year. Then, watch the cycle of thanks unfold thusly … 

First, we can already feel your thanks for offering you this discount that will save you up to $104. You're welcome. Next, you'll thank yourself for having being wise enough to grab this offer when your finely crafted still arrives at your home shortly. The thanks continue when you share your first self-made glass of moonshine, vodka, brandy, tequila or other spirits with a family member or friend – or when you use your still to make holiday gifts for the special people on your list. 

After that, the next time you use your still, you'll thank yourself for giving yourself such a rewarding hobby. Then when you share your next batch … well, you get the idea.

But this never-ending cycle of thanks and moonshine can't really begin until your take the first step and order today! And remember, all our stills come with a complete instructional/recipe guide, along with a 101-day no-questions-asked refund policy, free outbound and return shipping, and an industry-leading two-year warranty against defects (which you'll probably never need!).  

P.S. We're not kidding. Our stills will not be cheaper in 2019 than they are this week. Plus, because all our stills are handmade, we always have limited quantities. Don’t fall for cheaper versions available online, they don’t distill as scientifically or easily as ours do. You wouldn’t buy or give bottom shelf liquor would you?  Make yours with the best available equipment in the marketplace. With this Thanksgiving/ Black Friday special in effect we don't expect them to last long, so if you've ever wanted to get into home distilling, now's the time!

Posted by Jason Stone on

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  • I’m so sorry I spent so much this Christmas, I will have to save up. But, the next time I give myself something, it will be one of your beautiful stills. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!

    Cheryl Haddock on

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