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Pumpkin moonshine infusion – the Halloween Special

You know how I always say that one of the joys of owning my own whiskey still is being able to experiment with mixed drinks and have fun with making something new for every occasion? Well Halloween has to be one my favorite holidays, it’s wacky, colorful and most of the time involves a good party with my friends so I definitely need to come up with an exciting party drink for this one! And, since I've promised to host the fun this year, I want to make sure I've got some nice drinks that I can use my homemade moonshine with.

I remembered an old pumpkin pie infusion recipe I got online which I once tried out with vodka and came out really nice so this time I thought I’d try it with my homemade moonshine and see if it’s just as delicious. If it’s one thing we've got plenty of, this season, it’s pumpkins!

Basically, what I did was roast 1lb of pumpkin peel, together with some honey, for about 45 min. I then took the peels out of the oven and covered them with water in a saucepan, let them boil and simmer for almost an hour. I blended the result with a Mason jar of moonshine, and then strained it through a cloth to remove the pulp. I let it cool off and then used it to make some funky, colorful cocktails, which came out absolutely delicious.

This one’s definitely going on the Halloween menu!

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