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Why Moonshining is a Great Hobby

It goes without saying that I find moonshining a fantastic hobby. Of course that due to my family history loving it is not a matter of coincidence, but actually I think it’s more than that. I honestly believe I would have come to enjoy it had it not been for the tradition and I utterly consider that once you pop you can’t stop. 

Truth is one of the reasons I decided to sell whiskey stills is precisely this: moonshining is such a relaxing activity that as many as possible have to find out about it. Once you start moonshining you’ll find out drinking is only half of the fun. (it’s ok not to believe me know, you will find that out for yourself)

It only takes a first time to dive into this hobby, to mix some water with sugar some yeast and get your own distilled pot of liquor to enjoy with your friends. You can actually do this together on a Saturday. Imagine this: a cosy afternoon, barbecue, music, laughter, family and friends and a still that will deliver magic in a few hours. Can you picture that? And then your friends will love it and immediately order a still and then you’ll have a whole new dilemma – where to moonshine today?

Moonshining as a hobby enables you to create your one of a kind liquor, your craft is totally up to you. You’re free to choose – whiskey, rum, vodka, scotch, bourbon, cognac, you name it. We also provide, together with our stills, a lot of recipes you can play with. You can use a very wide range of fruit and cereal to make a multitude of spirits. It only takes a few hours and then a few more to enjoy.

The amazing thing about this hobby is that you can always play with other recipes and ideas. So there is no room for monotony. You can have whiskey this week and rum on the other and then some punch, long live your imagination! You know what they say – sky is the limit. Maybe we ought to say – moon is the limit!

But you know, actually the truth is… moonshining is not just a hobby. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy life in its delicious little parts. Which one would you prefer today? I think I’ll go for a brandy.

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