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How to Make Moonshine Margarita


 How to Make Moonshine Margarita


I enjoy very much a good drink and I am always interested in getting the best out of my moonshine still as well as the mixes I make in the comfort of my home. And that is why I am regularly looking for new and interesting recipes that I can put into practice and then enjoy, in the coziness of my house, alone or with some friends which stare the shame passion as me.

And that is precisely what moonshine is for me: a great hobby which provides me the much-needed relaxation I need at the end of a tiresome week. And I like my passion very much; I like my copper whiskey still and how it works. What's more, I also like to always try new recipes, to explore and to make sure that I perfect my methods all the time.
The recipe I tried most recently was one which relies on a classical drink: margarita. I thought about making moonshine margarita one night, as I was browsing on the internet, looking for a simple recipe; and this is exactly what this one is.

First, you will need to following ingredients:

•    lime juice (make sure you squeeze the juice yourself; 1 ounce)

•    orange juice (1/2 ounce)

•    sugar (you need only 1 teaspoon and granulated best)

•    moonshine (1 ounce)

•    ice

•    a single slice of lime (for the glass)

•    salt (sea salt is the best, but you can use any type of salt you want, as this is only for serving)

Now, once you have all the ingredients, you can easily start to make the moonshine margarita. Get a cocktail shaker, as this is the preferred vessel for mixing all the ingredients; but, if you do not have one, you can easily use a blender or bar glass in order to blend everything. Put the two juices with sugar, moonshine and as much as ice as you want to in the shaker. Then, make sure all is well covered and shake it until everything is perfectly mixed. As presentation is a big part of the whole process, when you are happy with the way the drink came out rub the lime slice on the upper part of the glass and then dip it in salt. Next, just pour the drink into it and enjoy it!

I like this recipe as it is not complicated and it also uses few ingredients. Feel free to add a different type of juice, like strawberry, raspberry or even watermelon. I know I am looking to try some red orange juice or some strawberry next time I am making some moonshine margarita. 

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