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An Easy Guideline to Make Your Own Alcohol

If you want to make your own alcohol, then you need to know how to do it properly, without damaging anything or anyone and making sure that you actually get drinkable alcohol.

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Why Is It Fun To Make Your Own Alcohol?

Many people like to make alcohol in their own home, not because they cannot afford to buy it, necessarily, but because they take pleasure in doing it. Here are some of the reasons why you should do it too:

•    it is a fun, relaxing, cheap, easy and efficient hobby

•    it takes you back to the time you were a kid and you were watching your grandfather or father doing this and were wondering what is that magical drink and how they actually do it

•    it could remind you of the lab classes you took during school; thou, this time, you will thoroughly enjoy mixing drinks and getting something practical out of it

•    it helps connect people such as you and your friends; if you have a common passion you devote your time to, then you can get together and share your experience, work together on making alcohol, and basically, just communicate and enrich your friendship

•    it helps you get to know new people and socialize, as there is an entire community of people who like this hobby (remember, making your own alcohol is just a hobby) and who communicate with each other on forums, for instance, sharing their experiences, learning from one another and purely having fun in their spare time

How Do You Actually Do It?

Now, if you have finally decided to take on this hobby, you can start by trying to make your first drink. For this, you will need the following items:

•    fruit juice essence (1 can)

•    funnel (the best is a small-sized one)

•    large balloon

•    plastic milk flask (make sure it is very clean before using it)

•    water

•    white sugar (2 cups; you can switch with brown, thou white is better, especially for your first try)

•    yeast (1 packet)

Once you have all these ingredients prepared you can start making your drink. First, put in the bottle the yeast and the juice concentrate, and use the funnel to transfer the sugar without losing part of the quantity. Seal the bottle and shake it to mix the three ingredients. After you are certain they are very well mixed, you can open the bottle and pour the water (you might want to use the funnel again, for a more precise, faster job). Put the lid on and mix everything, once again. Next, remove the seal and, on top of the flask, stretch the balloon as to totally cover the bottle’s mouth. Leave it like this and put in a dry and cool storage for approximately 3 days. You will know your drink is ready when the balloon (which fills with gas all this time, proof that the alcohol is successfully formed) will deflate. Then, you can put the bottle in your fridge and leave it there until you want to use it.

You can also leave the drink in storage for more than 3 days, but, it will become more alcoholic with each extra storage day.

Now that you know how to successfully make your own alcohol, enjoy it with some crushed ice (it is more refreshing, as well as more adapted for hot weather) or combine it with some non-sparkling fruit juice, like oranges, peaches, strawberries or pineapple; the taste will be absolutely wonderful.



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