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Homemade Wine Recipes – A Small Guide

An acquaintance of mine asked me recently if I know any tips on good homemade wine recipes. Now, I love whiskey, which I consider one a fine drink, highly enjoyable no matter the day or celebration you have in mind. However, my acquaintance’s question made me realise that I am surrounded not only by a lot of people with a passion for whiskey – just like me -, but also by people who like to drink wine once in a while.

Hence, this made me think that wine making in your own home can be quite rewarding, too, as this is an equally good hobby and you get to do something that you like and makes you happy. Furthermore, it is a way of relaxing yourself after a tiresome day at work, a way of making something special that helps you feel good and can be enjoyed with friends and family. I remember how some of my friends used to tell me about their passion for moonshine which started with their fathers or grandfathers working their magic with a whiskey still. Hence, I realized that similar passions can start in similar ways.

So, now I am going to give you a good, quite simple, homemade wine recipe to think about and to fully enjoy in your home. First, you will need to get:

•    a container for storing the juice blend

•    a good jug where to keep the juice for fermentation (preferably glass one)

•    a hand press (or, electrical juicer, if you prefer to do it faster)

•    fruits: 1.5 kg (red or white grapes are preferred, but, you can mix various type of fruits, if you feel like; whatever makes the taste most special to you is acceptable)

•    sugar (the quantity can vary, up to 1.5 kg, depending on how sweet you want the wine to be)

•    yeast: 15 grams (used to transform the sugar into alcohol during the fermentation process)

Once you have all these prepped, you can proceed to making the wine:

1.    First, you need to press the fruits. 

2.    Add the sugar while also bearing in mind that the quantity of sugar used will also determine the alcohol content, not only the sweetness of your drink.

3.    Put yeast.

4.    Put all of these ingredients in the fermentation jug and wait, around 6 months, preferably, for the wine to be produced. You can wait up to a year, too, no problem.

5.    Do not forget to check your juice every day, for the first 15 days, at least, and to stir, easily, with a wooden spoon.

6.    Once you are sure the wine has fermented well, you can store it in a bottle and cork it, for 14 days max (but avoid places where it is too cold).

After you have done all these steps, your wine is good to drink.
This is one of the easiest homemade wine recipes to follow; however, you can modify some of the quantities and ingredients, as long as you know that the recipe will work. My advice to you would be: if you find something which is good and you like the end product, stick with it.

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