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Making Some Easy Moonshine Recipe

I always think what I can do with my still, what new moonshine recipe to put in practice. And, whenever I have such thoughts, I generally start browsing on the internet for new recipes or ask some friends.

So, as I was talking with another whiskey passionate like me, I realized that I do not necessarily need to try a complicated recipes. Sometimes, the simple ones are the best. I mean, I love apple pie moonshine and that is quite easy to make. But I also go for more complicated recipes, as long as they sound good and I like the taste. After all, for me this is all a passion. I can do a recipe if it makes me feel good and I really feel like I want to try that. Playing around with my moonshine still is fun enough for me.

Luckily, I remembered that while browsing on the internet a couple of months ago, I came across a very simple recipe which allows me to customize it as I wish.

The main ingredients are the following

•    sugar (white is recommended, but you can also use brown): 5kg

•    boiling water: 10L

•    fruit juice: 8L

Now, for this recipe you will need a 5 gallon still in order to mix all of these ingredients.

Quite simple, as I said; which is the first reason why I like it. The second is the possibility to put it any juice that I want. I wanted to make things a bit more fun, so I tried some pineapple one once. I realized while I was picking my juice that I do not want to make it too sweet, so I put less sugar (around 4kg instead of 5). Good decision, as the taste was really delicious! And, because the recipe is really easy to make and can be customized (and I was quite proud of my first attempt), I tried two more times. So, I once put some pear juice in it, while keeping the original quantities of every ingredient. Once again, the flavor was as expected, meaning really good. And, the second time I decided to go with some classic apple juice, but, replaced white sugar with brown one; hence, I added only 4.5 kg of sugar, instead of 5. And, once more, the taste was great.

So, trying a rather easy moonshine recipe feels well, especially if you can customize it. And, as far as flavors go, I can tell you that mixing exotic zests from time to time is good. But, although I liked all three flavors, somehow, the one with pear juice was more to my taste.

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