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Why Making Moonshine At Home Is a Great Passion

Recently, I got a question from an old friend of mine that made me realize that I never mentioned why making moonshine at home makes up for a great hobby. My friend asked me why, of all the things I like, I decided to turn making moonshine at home into one of my top passions. I actually thought for a few seconds before answering that one. I mean, I always liked whiskey and I always wanted what is best; when I started with my moonshine still all I wanted was to enjoy myself, to discover new recipes, to come up with new ideas and to simply feel happy. After all, the whole thing about a passion is how happy it makes you.

In the morning, as I was still thinking of his question during breakfast, I realized why I like so much making moonshine. But, more than this, I realized why making moonshine is a great passion, which can be easily taken up by everybody with a thirst for good drinks; so, I decided to share my thoughts with you:

•    making moonshine in your own home is a small hobby; you do not need to invest lots of money, nor would you feel the pressure of taking it to a bigger level at some point. It is your hobby and that’s it

•    you are happy with it because you have something to do when you are at home - something which relaxes you -, as you can always find and implement new ideas or recipes, as well as you can also be creative (like take a recipe and change some of its ingredients, such as putting raspberry instead of watermelon)

•    it doesn’t do harm; unlike other hobbies, it does not put you in the danger of becoming so addicted to it that it would have a disastrous effect on your relationship with family and friends or it would ruin your work performance

•    there is some tradition behind this hobby that gives you the satisfaction that you are taking up a passion which is old and has been shared with generations; basically, you feel connected with your ancestors

•    speaking about sharing and connection, this hobby can also be a family hobby; imagine you seeing your father as he was making his own moonshine or looking, curiously, as your daddy was working his own magic with a pot. Or, perhaps, your grandfather used to take you, during those summer breaks spent with him, back to the place where he put his whiskey still and show you how he made this drink he was so proud of. He would show you something that was of great importance to you and, as a child, this will always leave an imprint on your memory, as a bonding moment between the two of you. But, perhaps, the best is when you manage to create moonshine together with your father and/or grandfather, laughing, exchanging opinions and enjoying the time you spend together. Hence, making moonshine is also a family activity. One which you can also share with your children, just like your parents or grandparents shared with you

•    this can also be a way of bonding with friends; you decide on a night or day during the week when you and your friends get together, prepare food, chat, laugh and make moonshine in the same time. The drink thus made will have a taste like no other, because it was made by all of you, together.

•    you mix ingredients like you did in your physics or chemistry lab back in school and this is both adventurous and fun, and it makes you feel that you are doing something which gives you a good feeling and is useful (as you actually do drink the moonshine)

•    most of us like authenticity, and the best way to be sure of one is by making our own stuff; hence, by taking up this hobby, you do not just craft something, you make something truly authentic

So, I think it’s fair to agree that making moonshine at home is one awesome hobby!

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