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Moonshine Recipes with Watermelon

As I mentioned before, I always like to find new moonshine recipes and I am particularly fascinated by fruit-based ones. Now, apple is a true classic when it comes to baking, cooking or even mixing in your drink (alcoholic or not). But, there are other fruits which you can try, too.

I enjoy very much watermelon, because it has a special taste that lingers in your mouth for a while after you finished eating it. Moreover, I always think of summer, sunny beaches and lots of good drinks (based on whiskey, how else) when I taste it.

So, while I was playing with my whiskey still one day an idea came to me: why you should I not make some moonshine based on watermelon? This led me to search for recipes and I discovered not one, but two great recipes. And, as a bonus, they both combine watermelon with other fruits, meaning elderberry and grape.

For the watermelon and elderberry one you will need the following ingredients:

•    watermelon (32 lb.)
•    elderberries (dried ones, 1 ¼ lb.)
•    water (preferably use a 5 gallon)
•    lemon juice and zest (better buy 10 lemons and squeeze them yourself)
•    sugar (if possible, granulated one; around 36 cups)
•    distiller’s yeast / wine

Now, once you have all these ingredients, start with the melon first and cut it into medium-sized cubes (around 1 inch). Make sure you cleaned all the seeds and then put the fruit and all of its juice in the bowl. Add to that the freshly-bought-and-squeezed lemon zest and juice. Mix the elderberries, too, and add the water on top of everything. Stir the sugar in, until it dissolves. Cover everything with a textile and leave it like this for 12 hours. Then, add some wine or distiller’s yeast. Cover again and then leave it for fermentation for 3 days (but do not forget to stir every day). Then put the juice in a bottle and close well. Leave it for fermentation for a month.

And that’s the first recipe. The second one, with watermelon and grape, is tad similar, but it presents certain differences which you need to pay attention to.

First, the ingredients:

•    watermelon (30 lb., not 32 like in the previous one)
•    grapes (red or green, as you prefer; 7 ½ lb.)
•    water (preferably use a 5 gallon for this one, too )
•    lemon juice and zest (same quantity and rule as in the previous recipe)
•    sugar (granulated one; around 24 cups, which is less than in the above-mentioned recipe!)
•    distiller’s yeast / wine

Follow the same indications for melon and lemons as written above. Next, focus on the grapes: wash them and crush them in a container. Add them and their juice to the watermelon and lemon mixture. Put water and sugar and stir, just like mentioned before. Now, after you cover the vessel with a textile, leave it like this for one full day this time. After the time has passed, add the yeast and leave it for fermentation for 5 days, stirring every day. At the end of those 5 days put everything into a bottle, cover it well and leave it to ferment for 30 days.

As you can see, both recipes are quite easy. However, the watermelon and grape one needs more time to ferment. But, no worries, as long as you follow the indications, you will have no problem in making any of these two top moonshine recipes.

Enjoy and let me know what you think, too!

Posted by Jason Stone on

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