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Apple Pie Moonshine

I always like to look for new flavors, combinations and mixtures to blend in my whiskey still; this is probably one of the reasons I always react instantly and pay attention when I hear people talking about moonshine recipes or when I read something related. What can I say? I always try to perfect my skills and to get the best out of my still and my moonshine, as well.

So, a week ago I discovered one recipe I heard about long time ago, but which I almost forgot: apple pie moonshine. Now, I think we all agree apple is a great fruit: it’s healthy and it tastes good. On top of that, who can say now to apple pie? So, why should a moonshine recipe based on the classic apple pie be any different?

Answer: it is not. On the contrary, the apple pie has a wonderful taste that makes one think about that time when you were a kid and you would pick apples from the orchard or look at your grandmother as she was preparing a good apple pie. Oh, the smell of pie fresh out of the Owen....

But, coming back to reality, apple pie moonshine is one recipe which is easy to make. All your need are the following 5 ingredients:

·         apple cider (1 gallon)

·         apple juice (1 gallon)

·         white sugar (3 cups ; you can replace with brown sugar, if you prefer)

·         cinnamon sticks (around 8 pieces is the best, thou it depends on your tolerance to this spice)

·         190 proof moonshine / grain alcohol (1 liter)

Now, once you have all this ingredients set up in the kitchen, you can take a large pot and put in all the ingredients, except the moonshine. Boil this combination of apple cider and juice, along with the sugar and cinnamon sticks, and then give it enough time to cool down. And now comes the really fun part: mix all the alcohol with the boiled mixture, preferably at room temperature, and stir until all is blended in. Next, I would advise you to put the drink into jars (jars are the best, trust me), with the lid on and just leave it like this for at least a couple of weeks. However, if you are really curious how it tastes (especially if this is the first time you do a moonshine recipe) you can try it straightway; but, from experience, I can tell you that the best taste comes after you let every ingredient sink a while.

If you think the quantity might be a bit too much for you, then, feel free to dose everything in half. As long as you follow the indications you will have no problem and you will enjoy a smooth, wonderful taste.

Hope you’ll enjoy this recipe and let me know how did it make you feel (I refuse to believe I am the only one nostalgic about good old times and tastes of true apple pies). In return, I promise to continue my search for good moonshine recipes, which, of course, I will share with you.  

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