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Moonshine Equipment

What you need to know about different kinds of moonshine equipment

In choosing the proper moonshine equipment, always value quality. Other than the common equipments described in this blog, the following are other kinds of alcohol-distillation-related tools you can use to either make moonshine or keep your still consistently functioning.

Propane burner

Propane burner 



In order to make your moonshine mash boil faster, you need an effective heat source. Specifically, you need a propane burner that could manage 25-gallon stills. As much as possible, choose one that provides reliable cooking when distilling outdoors. There are portable burners which could be used in backyard parties, tailgating and camping. Cookers need to be specially designed for safety, function and strength. It is advisable for the burner to have a 10 PSI regulator which could reach 55,000 BTUs.

Turbo Yeast

Turbo pure yeast 



Turbo yeasts are able to ferment sugar to a wash that is high in alcohol. Always choose yeast that is designed to perform under various conditions. Turbo consists of a mixture of alcohol tolerant yeast and complex nutrients that ferments grain or pure sugar to alcohol. Turbo yeast allows 50% to 100% more alcohol compared to baker’s yeast. It also produces less volatiles compared to baker’s yeast.

Copper cream

You need copper cream to clean off dirt and residue from your copper still or cookware thus restoring its color and shine. Choose a copper cream that is free from odor and acts fast. Copper cream helps remove any discoloration due to food spills, high heat and natural oxidation. Decent copper creams are easy to apply and could be completely rinsed off.


Whiskey Boiler

Whiskey Boilers

Choose a boiler that has a polished mirror both inside and out. As much as possible, opt for one that allows cleaning without at all removing the distillation column. A boiler or a pot is a container where a mash is initially heated or cooked. Be aware that specific boilers are created to be only used with direct heat. There are also boilers which will not work with gas, steam or oil because of insulation.



Moonshine Still

Moonshine Still 


The best moonshine still carries the traditional onion or turnip shape body and has the capacity to distill scotch, whiskey, moonshine, vodka, cognac, tequ or schnapps. The still must also be soldered with the use of brass wire welds and tin-silver. Also, the soldering and welding process must be free from lead.

Take note that old stills were conventionally made using hammered copper sheets that were soldered and riveted together. Metal skills are essential to make caps, boilers and coiled copper condensers.

As much as possible, purchase moonshine stills that have a sixty-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. When stills are well taken cared of, they could last a lifetime. 

All in all, before you decide to purchase any moonshine equipment, ensure that you choose those that will serve your needs and preferences. The equipments must also be of excellent craftsmanship and allow you to make the best distilled product. 

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