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How to Polish Your Copper Pot Still

Copper materials naturally tarnish with time and use, you'll notice that their surfaces turn dark russet-brown in color. The tarnishing effect even hastens when copper is exposed to humid and changing temperature conditions. In the case of cookwares, copper pots for instance, subjecting them to open flame or heat accelerates the tarnishing process. Regularly cleaning them prevents discoloration.

Cleaning copper can be done in a number of ways, we found a quick and easy technique that will keep your copper moonshine stills shine. Everything you need is right in your kitchen!


¼ cup fine salt

¼ cup all purpose flour

white vinegar

mixing bowl

a soft rag 


  • Begin by combining salt and flour.
  • Make a paste by gradually adding vinegar and mixing them together.
  • Smear the paste over the tarnished areas of the copper using a cloth or soft rag until it  shines.
  • Rinse with water and dry.


 Copper creams are also an excellent tool! They can easily clean and restore the color and shine of your copper still.

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