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Berry Panty Droppers

We know what you’ll be infusing this summer: berry panty droppers. A home liqueur making project that promises to extract the berry very best out of the simplest ingredients – berries, sugar, alcohol –, boost parties with a just right fruity touch, even reportedly cause spontaneous and quite mysterious panty dropping effects.

The working principle of the panty dropper is infusing berries – raspberries, strawberries, you name it, but also peaches or other sweet and juicy fruits – first in alcohol and then in sugar. Both alcohol and sugar have this great quality of extracting the goodness out of virtually anything, thanks to osmosis – an effect just as spontaneous as the panty dropping, yet not at all mysterious.

As you might’ve read in our previous post on infused liqueurs, osmosis is the movement of a solution through a permeable membrane into another solution, of higher concentration, in order to even out the concentrations on the two sides. In our case, the berries will release their juices into the alcohol and sugar, because alcohol and sugar have a higher concentration than berry juice.

Basically, all you need to do is follow a couple of easy steps and give osmosis time to do its job. Here’s a recipe to guide you:

1-2 quarts berries 
white granulated sugar 
a bottle of clear neutral brandy or vodka – if you’ve got some distilled in your own whiskey still, this is the time to use it
1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice 

Step 1: Infuse in alcohol
Put the berries in a large jar with a lid and fill it with the alcohol. Set the jar on a windowsill for about a week, and give it a shake every now and then. Strain out the liquid into another jar or bottle.

Step 2: Infuse in sugar
Add enough sugar to the berries to completely coat them. Return the jar on the windowsill and let it sit until most of the sugar is dissolved and the berries are drenched in syrup. Pour the syrup into a separate jar, and then add more sugar to the berries.

Repeat this step until the berries release all their juices.

Step 3: Mix alcohol and syrup

Add the lemon juice to the berry infused alcohol, then add the syrup – taste as you go. If needed, water it down to 40% AbV and strain.

Step 4: Serve on the rocks, prepare for oohs and aahs and other spontaneous side effects.

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