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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

You are your father’s son. He taught you how to shave and took you fishing, you’ve watched your first game with him, you shared a beer. You’ve looked up to him and he’s been there for you, doing the best he could. Then, you became impatient. You rebelled and sought your own ways, as he stepped back and watched you grow into the man you are today.

You two share a story, with all the highs and lows that make it yours alone, and it’s this story you want to honor on Father’s Day.

You’re looking for a gift, but what could possibly rise to the occasion? We recommend a whiskey still, for reasons beyond homemade liquor.

A whiskey still is a device best operated in twos. Do your research together, look for recipes and how to’s, debate what to distill first. Look for the best ingredients you can buy and prepare your mash together. Wait for it to ferment – what better reason for those catching up phone calls you never seem to find time to make? Turn the distillation into a father-son event – just like back in the day, when you two tinkered at who knows what in the garage.

Celebrate the first drop of spirit – it’s not only a distillate of grains or fruit or sugar and yeasts, it’s something you two made together.

The actual gift, when giving him a whiskey still, is the time spent together. And it’s as much a gift to your father as it is to you. It’s a device for distilling experience, for celebrating and continuing the story you share.

You two can toast to that, with a sip of your own home made liquor.

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