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Other Uses for Your Whiskey Still


Thinking Outside of the Box: Other Uses for Your Whiskey Still

It may never have occurred to you that your beloved whiskey still can be used for more than just making great tasting whiskey. Sure, you can make other fine alcoholic beverages but did you know that you could use your still to create distilled water or even an alternative fuel for your vehicle?

Distilled Water

The first question you may have is why would you want to distill your water. Not only is it great for drinking but having pure, uncontaminated water at your disposal is great for cleaning cuts, watering sensitive plants, filling car radiators, etc.

Essentially, you are using the intense heat from your still to separate the chemicals from the water molecules. It is the same principle as creating the finest whiskey known to man but your final product won’t get you drunk.

How to Make Alternative Fuel

During your years of distilling whiskey, you have probably created some batches that were better off as fuel than whiskey, especially if you forgot to add your water.

Creating ethanol fuel is not much different than creating a bourbon or other fine alcoholic beverage. The first step is to create your mash using rotten fruit or corn. Once you add your distillers yeast and sugar, wait about 10 days until the sugars has been consumed.

Now comes the fun part. Run the mash through your reflux still. It is very important to do this immediately after the sugar has been consumed as not doing so could add molecules from the environment that could damage your car.

Once you go through the distillery procures, filter your mixture and you should have some inexpensive fuel for your vehicle.

Those are just two uses for your still. If you have any other ideas, why not share them ?

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