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Describing the Whiskey Still

If you like whiskey and good drinks and would like to invest into a passion such as a making moonshine in the comfort of your own home, then you need to buy whiskey still, online, as soon as possible. But, before you do that, you need to understand what a whiskey still is and how it works.

Describing the Whiskey Still

A whiskey or moonshine still is an apparatus whose main purpose is to help you produce a mash in your home, which can be called homemade whiskey, thou, most commonly it is known as moonshine (hence the name of the still). The term “moonshine” first appeared in Great Britain, and was used to define any activity done at night, under only the light of the moon.

A classic still is made of a copper container that has a firm seal and a thin cone-shaped vent on top, which facilitates the circulation of vapors through a twisted copper tube into the storage pot. Copper is a traditional material in manufacturing whiskey stills, as it presents multiple beneficial characteristics for the distillation process and the end product, like uniform heating features.

How Do You Use The Whiskey Still?

First, you have to know that a whiskey still does not simply produce alcohol; a whiskey still just concentrates it. Hence, you need to start the distillation process with fermentation; for this, you need to pay attention to the type of grain used in the creation of each mash for the making and fermenting of primary alcohol. You need to crush the corn into meal and to then dip it in hot water in the still; next, add sugar and yeast. If you respected all the indications the fermentation process should start without a problem. The mixture you have in front of you, in this step, is what is called mash and it needs to be stirred and heated in the still for some time. Then, you can properly start the distillation process.

You also need to know that the only way the distilling process is possible is because alcohol has a boiling point inferior to water’s, meaning approximately 172°F (around 77.7°C). Hence, if you boil the liquid from completed grain mash somewhere between the boiling points of alcohol and water’s (meaning 212°F or 100°C), it will cause the alcohol to transform into vapors, leaving all other substances and water. These vapors will go through the spiraled coil into the second vessel, which needs to be constantly cooled, shortened and concerted until the content transforms into alcohol fluid.

Therefore, as you can easily see, a moonshine still is the centerpiece in creating homemade spirits and it helps you get a fun, quite easy and rather cheap passion. Hence, once you document yourself on the process of making moonshine, you can easily look where you can buy whiskey still or moonshine still online in order to indulge into your new found hobby.

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