What To Do About Leaks

Riveted unions are nearly impossible to completely seal off by hand manufacturing. You may have noticed a paste applied to the interior of the seams. This is a paste made from linseed oil and gypsum powder which seals the microscopic imperfections of the still. This will not affect the distillation process of the quality of the distillation product. It is important, however, to know how to make and re-apply the paste if a leak does develop.

You will need: linseed oil, gypsum powder, a mixing container, small paint brush. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Pour gypsum powder into container
  2. Add gradually linseed oil and stir constantly and continue adding until achieving a relatively thick putty mixture, (sufficient so that mixture can be applied with a brush)
  3. Clean surface of the copper pot (inside) with denaturized alcohol; there is no need to remove previous putty mixture applied.
  4. Apply the putty mixture with a normal paint brush and allow at least 72 hours to completely dry.
  5. Repeat procedure in case of additional leaks. Never scrape off excess paste, it will come off naturally and does not affect the distillation process.